Water Treatment

Infrastructure Innovations provides the most cost effective and environmentally responsible cooling tower water treatment solutions available in the industry with no added chemicals. Use of the system provides immediate benefits to the bottom line, saving building owners and operators significant dollars on water, energy, and maintenance costs.

Less Water Usage

Building owners can expect water bills to decrease at a significant rate. The system holds calcium and other minerals in solution longer than a chemical system, allowing it to increase cycles of concentration and to reduce the need for make-up water; reducing water consumption by 10-35 percent. By the end of 2012, use of the system will reduce water consumption by all customers combined at the rate of 560 million gallons of water per year. The rate is expected to increase to 1.7 billion gallons of water by the end of 2013.

Lower Electrical Costs

By removing scaling and decreasing the amount of water used in cooling towers, the system saves a tremendous amount of electricity and the use of the system will save clients energy at the rate of 284,000 MWH by the end of 2012 and 870,000 MWH by the end of 2013 - enough electricity to power more than 75,000 homes for a year. 

Elimination of Chemical Costs

The process eliminates the need to purchase and add chemicals. Traditional treatment methods for a standard-size commercial building often requires 3,000 pounds of chemicals each year.

Less Maintenance

The system is a low-maintenance, less labor-intensive system that allows building owners to save on cleaning and labor costs, as well as long-term system wear-and-tear. Infrastructure Innovations LLC is committed to providing building owners and managers with the most cost effective and environmentally responsible water treatment solutions for cooling towers available on the market. The company’s proprietary, proven electro-chemical water treatment system virtually eliminates microorganisms and scale formation, without the use of any added harmful chemicals. The patent pending technology is successfully operating in office buildings, hospitals, convention centers, factories and other commercial and industrial locations throughout the United States.

Any facility with a cooling tower can be easily retrofitted to accommodate this system. Our customers include NORAD's Cheyenne Mountain ASF and Direct TV's headquarters in Colorado, Northrop Grumman's data center outside Washington, D.C.; and the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

Infrastructure Innovations LLC recognizes the importance of monthly water treatment testing. We work closely with water treaters across the country to provide quality testing services for our customers.