Power Conditioning

Infrastructure Innovation’s Power Conditioner is a simple yet robust passive electrical component. This patented and proven technology improves power quality and provides system protection to your electrical network. 

System-wide protection can avoid costly repair and replacement of electrical equipment. It can also improve operational continuity, eliminate shutdowns, and free up facilities personnel. 

Optimal power quality is an important key to your electrical system’s efficiency. This efficiency can be getting the most out of the capacity and longevity of your transformers and distribution equipment. It can be the operational benefit of eliminating problems caused by vexing waveform distortions. It can be reducing thermal dissipation and resistive losses. Finally the most easily measured improvement to efficiency that comes from optimizing power quality is at the meter – dramatic reductions in KVA demand can be expected as well as measurable reductions to real power consumption.

Our power conditioner product is an ideal multi-purpose device. Its modular, fixed reactive compensation model simplifies system design, maximizes reliability and yields the most benefit at peak loads when you need it most.

  • UL, CS and NYC listed
  • 3-5% real power reduction
  • 10-40% KVA demand reduction
  • Near-Unity Power Factor without resonance
  • Whole building protection