Magnetic Drives

VFDs are rapidly increasing in popularity and for good reason. Improved process control, soft starts and huge energy savings make them an attractive choice. But they come a cost. All VFDs degrade electric power quality – often dramatically. They depend on cabinets and enclosures that need to remain clean and require cooling. Large and medium-voltage VFDs are prohibitively expensive. Reliability and longevity is another problem that plagues VFDs; device failure and nuisance resetting can negate the benefit of these devices.

There is an alternative: Magnetic Drives and Couplings. Variable speed Magnetic Drives can vary the speed of motor-driven loads just as VFDs do. Fixed-speed Magnetic Couplings can pinpoint the optimal speed of a load for a fraction of the cost of a VFD. These products achieve these goals without any of the problems of VFDs mentioned above. Further, this technology eliminates other problems relating to shaft misalignment, vibrations, and other issues.

Ask Infrastructure Innovations for an assessment of your motor loads. Whether you are considering VFDs, have existing VFDs that are experiencing problems or may be near end-of-life (as little as 3 years in some cases), or you simply have electric motor-driven loads, our Magnetic Drive technology may be a superior choice.