LED Lighting

This is the only USA manufactured microprocessor controlled, patented, UL approved, LED lighting that will convert existing HID and fluorescent light fixtures into ultra long last maintenance free, energy efficient LED fixtures. Our sophisticated microprocessor controlled LED products are available "off the shelf" as LED Retrofit Kits (available without the expense of changing the whole fixture) and new LED Fixtures with a 150,000 hour rating or more (15 - 30 years). This is almost twice the hours of most competitors (average life of competition is approximately 30,000 hours).

How It Works

By eliminating excessive heat through the use of a 20,000 hour half-life magnet run fan we are able to reduce the heat to a constant 98 degrees thus eliminating heat aging and increasing the life to 150,000 hours without using any additional energy or electricity. Most conventional LED light sysytems have an average life of 20,000 hours.