ROI & Rebates

Facility may have 30 tons of HVAC DX Units.

Permafrost installed is approximately $3,500.00.

Example Rebate 75% of the installed cost of $3,500 reduces cost $2,250 cost to the facility $750

Electric Savings 12% - 15% kWh savings directly off the power bill for the life of the equipment.

HVAC represents between 50% - 65% of the total electric usage.

Facility electric bill of $4,200 per month, conservative savings of 12% with the installation of Permafrost

$504 electric savings per month $6,048 savings per year over 5 years of savings of $30,240.00

with an investment of less than $1,000

Permafrost has an exceptional ROI, typically in 9-15 months, making it the most profitable investment your company can make in sustainable technology.