Warranties & Protection

Some of the best laboratories in the world attest to the fact that PermaFrost® is more compatible and safer than OEM recommended oils. It is proven, verified and scientific fact that PermaFrost® will not harm HVAC equipment when installed properly. Because of this fact and the confidence that comes with ten years of successful performance in the field, we offer the following protection plans to all of our customers. It's the best way we know to eliminate any excuses for not installing PermaFrost®.

The manufacturer, Powertron Global, has a two part protection plan for our customer. Powertron Global carries a one million dollar product liability policy to cover customer HVAC equipment repair or replacement in the event PermaFrost® causes harm to the same. This puts to rest any worries about our product voiding the manufacturer’s warranty as our policy doesn't just last for a year or two, we cover the equipment against damage caused by PermaFrost® for the life of the equipment.

In addition to our insurance coverage, Powertron Global also provides a Return on Investment (ROI) guarantee. Under this portion of the two-part protection plan, Powertron Global agrees to come back and re-treat a system for free should the customer have to change the refrigerant or replace the coils, compressor, or condenser within 1 year of the initial PermaFrost® installation.