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HVAC Treatment

Sustainability is social responsibility.

PermaFrost® implementation reduces kWh consumption resulting in less CO2 emissions, and reduces your carbon footprint.

It is a great opportunity for your organization to create marketing assets that are socially conscious and sustainable.

The greatest benefit of PermaFrost® is the financial proposition.

Operating a sustainable organization and reducing the world's CO2 emissions is simply the right thing to do.

Exclusive Distributer of Powertron’s Permafrost

HVAC accounts for up to 70% of a facility’s energy bill. Permafrost solution is 100% compatible and guaranteed safe. Once added to a HVAC system, the unit will work more efficiently and use less energy.

10-15% Immediate Energy Savings

Lubricity allows the HVAC equipment to run more efficiently and use less energy, resulting in instant savings.

Proven Solution. Short Term Payback.

The product has been proven. Clients around the globe are enjoying a 15% reduction in energy costs within the first year of installation.

Patented Product & Technology

The product and the technology are fully patented.

Financing Options Available with No Upfront Costs

Start saving today!

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