We produce

Energy Savings

that Generate Revenue

Infrastructure Innovations is a full service energy solutions company, providing public and private sector building owners with proven solutions that achieve an immediate return on investment and relief from economic strain.

  • Our turn-key energy conservation program saves 15% - 25%.
  • We provide direct electric savings with little or no out of pocket, up front investment.
  • Several of our products and services are qualified for 50% - 75% immediate rebate from the local power company.
  • We are the only turn-key conservation service / product provider that does not require a long term commitment.
  • Our solutions are permanent, one time actions that begin paying the owner back immediately and last for the life of the equipment serviced.

Infrastructure Innovations develops goal-driven energy plans, specializing in energy alternatives, renewable energy, and conservation. Through strategic industry alliances, Infrastructure Innovations is able to recommend and implement the best suite of solutions for each client. Each energy plan is tailored to match the needs and budget of the client. The company‚Äôs unrivaled client satisfaction is a result of its ability to link energy plans to a timetable and stagger the implementation of energy products and solutions so that each item pays for the next, through Return On Investment (ROI) or energy payback. This method allows a building owner to continually fund new energy implementations with no money out of pocket. Through quick ROI and a reinvestment program, we provide significant savings with little to no upfront investment!